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Note - the ABA Part 1 Examination is being discontinued after the 2017 testing cycle and replaced with the new Anesthesiology BASIC & Anesthesiology ADVANCED staged examinations. If you are taking the new BASIC or ADVANCED exams, please use our SmartBank products specifically designed for those exams.

TrueLearn’s SmartBank for the ABA Part 1 examination is designed for the resident, fellow, or attending who is preparing for their 2017 written boards (ABA Primary Certification). Train with hundreds of test items written by board-certified anesthesiologists and specifically designed to mirror those tested by the ABA in a simulated computer-based environment. Allow TrueLearn’s adaptive performance analytics compare to your progress to peers nationwide and point out your strong and week areas of knowledge.

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Test in the cloud on any mobile device by downloading TrueLearn's mobile apps. Whether testing from your iPad in the operating room between cases, or at home on your couch, you will always have access to your SmartBank account. Simply download one of the apps below and start testing.

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