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Everything You Need to Know About TrueLearn’s ABFM Certification SmartBank

Wednesday, May 16, 2018
By The TrueLearn Team

With your ABFM Certification Exam on the horizon, you can’t afford to waste any of your valuable study time. That’s why it’s so important you’re using the most effective studying techniques, tracking your progress and optimizing your learning.

That’s where TrueLearn’s Family Medicine SmartBank comes in.

Read on to discover exactly what sets TrueLearns ABFM Certification SmartBank apart from any other qbank on the market, to learn where our practice questions come from, and to understand the proven technology behind how the Family Medicine SmartBank will help you pass your ABFM Certification.

What is a ABFM Certification Exam SmartBank?

You’re probably thinking that a ‘SmartBank’ is just a fancy branding word for a question bank. Am I right?

Contrary to that belief, TrueLearn’s SmartBanks are far more intensive than any qbank could be.

While the Family Medicine SmartBank does hold 1,500 ABFM-styled questions, it also utilizes spaced repetition technology, test simulation, timed test modes, personalized tips based on your test-taking behaviors, and advanced score prediction technology.

As you begin preparing for your ABFM Certification by taking questions from the SmartBank in an online platform simulating that of the actual board exam, the SmartBank will begin tracking your behaviors and question data.

As you log into the dashboard, you’ll begin to see SmartCards. These SmartCards offer insights into your personal test-taking behaviors and tips to improve performance. For instance, do you always second guess yourself on questions and change your answer? Well, SmartCards will tell you whether you should trust your gut with your initial answer, or whether you should reread and be more thorough.

Another great benefit of the ABFM SmartBank is it leverages the benefits of spaced repetition to increase your long-term memory. When you miss questions within the SmartBank, you’ll receive a SmartText to your phone containing the critical learning points three days later.

Furthermore, as you’re getting closer to your ABFM Certification Exam date, you can begin testing in timed test modes to help you practice performing under pressure. Then, the more you test, the more accurate the SmartBank will become at predicting your score. This enables you to see how you stand up in comparison to your peers across the nation.

Where TrueLearn’s Family Medicine Content Comes From

Not only do the unique features set TrueLearn’s Family Medicine SmartBank apart from other qbanks, but so do the questions.

TrueLearn’s practice questions, answer explanations and bottom lines are written by physicians who are held in high regard in their perspective fields. You can rest assured the Family Medicine questions you’re taking in your ABFM Certification SmartBank were written by expert test-writers who have extensive experience writing test items to mirror the actual ABFM exam blueprint.

Why the ABFM Certification SmartBank Works

TrueLearn’s ABFM Certification SmartBank was developed on data. Thousands of physicians have used TrueLearn to outperform on their Family Medicine Board Exams because data shows the more you engage with your SmartBank, the more you’ll improve.

The research and data speak for itself. We encourage you to check out these additional resources regarding the science of learning and the methodologies behind SmartBanks:

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