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Introducing CDM Cases for COMLEX Level 3 Users

Thursday, May 4, 2017
By The TrueLearn Team

The NBOME has recently started including Clinical Decision Making, or CDM cases, in the COMLEX Level 3 exam. These cases test your ability to make patient management decisions.

Practice Clinical Decision Making Cases

COMBANK authors have developed practice CDM cases to allow you to acclimate yourself to these types of questions. We encourage you to read the NBOME instructions and take their practice test to familiarize yourself with the content and format. These can be found here.

As mentioned, our CDM cases are only available to our COMLEX Level 3 users. When setting up a new test in COMBANK, you now have the option to select CDM only cases, non-CDM cases or a mixture of both.

One new feature of the CDM cases is the short answer question.

At TrueLearn, we are developing our system and brand new algorithms to recognize and match the most popular, and accurate, ways to respond to a short answer question. If you feel you answered a short answer question appropriately, but it was initially marked as incorrect, you can choose to “regrade” the question and give yourself credit for the answer.

This will change your overall score on the test. Using the regrade option will also help us to refine our process and provide the most accurate scoring. When reviewing your test, you can regrade a CDM question by clicking the button as shown below.

We’ve released 20 CDM practice cases to our COMLEX Level 3, all of which are multi-part, resulting in hundreds of new questions. As we gain feedback from our users and refine our process, we plan on adding more cases in the future. Login by clicking the button below and explore our practice CDM cases.


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