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NAPLEX Study Guide

Monday, April 8, 2019
By The TrueLearn Team

Many pharmacy students search for the ultimate NAPLEX study guide hoping to improve their NAPLEX scores. Here at Truelearn, we have found there are several fundamental NAPLEX study guide tips that help to ensure a better score on the NAPLEX. Here are our Top 5 NAPLEX Study Guide Tips to ensure you get a higher score on the NAPLEX and Pass the first time! We also make it easy to get started with a Free Trial if you still aren’t sure and want to see for yourself before purchasing.

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Without further ado, here are our Top 5 NAPLEX Study Guide Tips!

  1. One of the first things and one of the arguably most-important things you can do is to ensure you have enough time to study effectively. Procrastination is one of the worst offenders when it comes to studying for the NAPLEX. Why is this? Cramming tons of information at the very end of your available study time doesn’t always save that information to long-term memory. It can be helpful for retaining specific parts of information that you may already be familiar with (as this is just another touch-point for existing information) and can be more effective than not studying at all but pharmacy students typically do well when they start a specific NAPLEX study guide plan at least 3 months out from the time they plan to take the NAPLEX exam. This ensures enough time to identify strong and weak areas so you can focus time towards the weak areas and ensure multiple touch-points with the materials where you show weakness.
  2. Next is to ensure that you are studying the right materials. The NAPLEX exam has a very specific blueprint that defines which categories of information they will be testing on and the quantity or distribution of NAPLEX questions that will be asked on the exam. This is where taking NAPLEX practice questions from a question bank that aligns to the most recent NAPLEX blueprint will ensure you are aligning your studying time to what is actually on the Exam.
  3. Then you need to ensure you are taking NAPLEX practice questions with detailed and thorough answer explanations. The “Testing Effect” known in the field of learning science has proven that taking test items that are similar to what you will actually be taking on the test is a more effective method to studying for that exam than just reading books or attending lectures. Our specific NAPLEX question bank has multiple options for how you take these practice questions. One of the most helpful methods is to run in tutor-mode. You won’t get all the questions correct and that’s OK. Identifying the questions you miss is a key step to helping you study more effectively. Our tutor-mode allows you to quickly see what the correct answer was as well as why the incorrect answer was wrong. We provide rich detail answer explanations that give you context and insight into that specific question.
  4. You also need to vary your study sessions throughout the day and week. Recalling information multiple times throughout the day can be more effective than a single interaction with that information. Taking four 15-minute NAPLEX practice quizzes throughout the day should prove more effective than taking a single hour-long practice quiz. This is due to the learning science principle of spaced repetition. This is the principle that has been used in language learning software for years. Our students who do well across all of our exams typically use their mobile device and schedule a higher frequency of lower volume practice question quizzes. This allows them to take NAPLEX quizzes quickly on-the-go and while taking advantage of both the “Testing Effect” and “Spaced repetition” for a solid study plan throughout the day. Breaking it up like this also makes the study sessions feel less onerous while committing more information to long-term memory.
  5. Relax! If you have started your NAPLEX study guide and plan at least 3-months out and have done all the other steps above, you are going to do significantly better than someone who crams at the last minute. We even offer a First-Time PASS guarantee because we are so confident that if you follow these steps and do the TrueLearn NAPLEX Question bank as described above, you will Pass the NAPLEX. We will either refund your money or give you another question bank for free if you don’t accomplish this goal. Having confidence going into the NAPLEX exam is key towards reducing anxiety on test day. Anxiety can make you second-guess yourself, increase stress, and cause you to perform worse on test day. The combination of our simulated testing environment, realistic NAPLEX practice questions, detail answer explanations, and community of support will ensure you have a great test day and perform your best!

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