“New year, new me.” You hear that frequently at this time of year as people aim to better themselves going into a new year. We’ve adopted a similar approach that has us saying “New year, new TrueLearn.”

We’re excited to announce a brand new look for our platform. We’ve redesigned all aspects of our dashboards, analytics and test-taking interfaces to make it easier for you to customize and navigate through your TrueLearn experience. Thousands of users have participated in our beta throughout the past six months, and their feedback has helped guide our new look and functionality. 

We’ve compiled some frequently asked questions from our closed beta that will help you as you customize your new dashboard:

    • How do I access the new and classic interface? – You can login to the new interface by visiting truelearn.net and use your current login credentials. You can switch back and forth from the new and old interface as you wish by clicking on your initials in the upper right hand corner and selecting “Return to Classic Design”, or in the Classic Interface simply click “New Design View” on your dashboard to access the beta once more. Additionally, the classic view can be accessed by going to classic.truelearn.net.
    • With two different interfaces available, will I have two different sets of statistics? – No. You have one set of statistics per subscription, and any questions you take in either interface will affect your subscription statistics in both interfaces.
    • Why do my stats not match? – When switching between the new and classic interfaces, it may appear that some of your stats or personalized graphs are not identical. As mentioned above, both designs use the exact same set of statistics for your subscription, with one exception. Your dashboard now has toggles that allow you to control whether certain types of questions are included or excluded in your statistics. You can include/ not include questions that have been taken multiple times and/ or assessment exam questions in your performance data. If you choose to not include questions that were taken multiple times, your data will only show your performance on the first time you took each question. For certain residency specialty products, you can compare your performance to peers of a certain graduation year.  
    • How do I set a goal and what does that do? Another new feature that we have added is the ability for you to set a percentile goal and track your performance relative to that goal all the way through your prep. You can set your goal by clicking on the more options icon on the percentile chart. Once set, you will see your goal highlighted in the Percentile chart and as a target in your Overall Performance graph. As you set and track progress towards your performance goal, you’ll notice several other updates and improvements to the charts, graphs and analytics in the new platform.  Setting a goal doesn’t affect any of your charts in the Classic interface as it is only available in the new one.
    • I’ve noticed a ‘bug’ or flaw in the system or have a suggestion on how to improve the new design, how do I communicate this with the TrueLearn team?Your feedback is extremely valuable to us, especially during this beta period. You can fill out this form, or click “Leave Feedback” on your new dashboard to provide us with any feedback that you have regarding the new design.
    • How long will the Classic Design still be available?While we can’t provide a solid “shut-off” date, the Classic design will be permanently removed by the end of 2017.
    • Are there any changes to TrueLearn’s recommended browsers and devices? – There are no changes to our recommended browsers and devices. The list is as follows:
    • Have a consistent minimum internet connection with a speed of 1.5 Mb per second
    • Use one of the following supported browsers:
    • Internet Explorer v11.0 or higher
    • Firefox – Current Stable Version
    • Chrome – Current Stable Version
    • Safari – v6.0 or higher
    • Note: Opera, IE Mobile, outdated versions of the above browsers, and other browsers are not fully supported but may operate without issue.Have Have Adobe® Flash® Player, 10 or higher
    • Have a screen resolution of 1280×800 or higher
    • Will the TrueLearn mobile app also have a new design? – At this time no, our mobile app is not being changed. Although, this is a request by many of our users and will be addressed in the future.

We’re excited to share our new look with you, click here to login and explore!