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Our New COMLEX Level 2 PE Video Series Is Live!

Friday, July 12, 2019
By The TrueLearn Team

TrueLearn’s brand new COMLEX Level 2 PE Video Series is Live! You can now access our video series through your COMLEX Level 2 PE subscription. It has been upgraded to match the new blueprint which was updated this past March, 2019. Click below to view details and subscription options.

New PE Video Series Overview:

We are excited to announce that Dr. Mark Kauffman, DO, MS Med Ed, PA, leading osteopathic physical exam educator, has returned as the series’ focal director.  This time, however, the scenarios feature a variety of physician educators to provide new perspectives on commonly tested clinical skills. 

New Blueprint-Matching Content

The COMLEX Level 2 PE video series offers forty-seven enhanced videos featuring six new cases including, Cold, High Cholesterol, Neck Pain, Tremor, Well Adult Visit, and Well Child Visit.

The videos are segmented into three series which offer key insights into the Humanistic & Biomedical/Biomechanical domains,

Exam Insight Series – As with the previous edition, these videos will discuss details about exam logistics and general information. They will also provide insight into exam scoring, mistakes to avoid, and many tips and tricks to ensure a stress-free experience on exam day.

Patient Encounter Series – All re-filmed to adhere to exam limit of 14 minutes per encounter. Includes countdown timer to reinforce correct pacing strategies.

Failing Encounters Series – Details common mistakes and pitfalls to avoid in patient encounter scenarios.

Sweet Sweet Convenience

There’s more to this new video series than simply updated content. We’ve taken steps to ensure that it can easily be incorporated into your rounds, so you can study on the go. Take a look at some of the new video player functionalities below,

Variable playback speeds (up to 2x) – Need a quick refresher but don’t have the time? Speed it up!

Closed captioning – Forgot your headphones? Read the dialogue!

Progress Tracking – Never EVER lose your spot again.

Mobile Friendly Video Access! – Tablet, phone, laptop, you name it. Study up on the go from any of your devices!

Become An Expert SOAP Note Taker

Think your SOAP notes could use a little…help? We’ve added a new Interactive Subjective Objective Assessment Plan (SOAP) note feature which includes a nine-minute countdown timer to help train you for fast, effective note taking. That’s not all! You can compare your SOAP notes to an Expert Version to receive immediate feedback and practice again if need be.

Happy Testing!

Here at TrueLearn, we pride ourselves on being the perfect side assist for your schooling, and on constantly improving to better meet your requirements as a medical student, resident, or program director. Interested in TrueLearn updates? Sign up for our newsletter here. Visit our Facebook and InstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn pages for Test Effect Thursdays, where we post one of our questions every week! Lastly, we love to hear from our customers, please make sure you take a moment and leave us a review!