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Top 5 Changes to COMLEX Level 3 Blueprint Fall 2018

Tuesday, September 4, 2018
By The TrueLearn Team

The new COMLEX Level 3 Blueprint creates two distinct dimensions that will spread out over two days. This creates multiple changes to what is included and how it is presented.

The first dimension (as defined by contains seven Competency Domains, which represent the related sets of foundational capabilities representing the required elements and outcomes that define the knowledge, skills, experience, attitudes, values, behaviors, and established professional standards.

The second dimension (as defined by contains 10 Clinical Presentations, which represent the manner in which a particular patient, group of patients, or a community presents for osteopathic medical care.

Here at TrueLearn COMBANK, we strive to provide the most current content for our customers so that you can be successful in your COMLEX Level 3 exam preparation.  As we help to prepare you, we have created 26 new clinical decision making (CDM) cases with over 102 questions, including short answer and extended multiple choice question types. We have also categorized our questions to match the new blueprint further, as well as adding audio questions and OMM maneuvers.  We want you to succeed so we have prepared our banks to align with the newest versions of the exam!

Below is a summary of the five primary changes you may encounter with the new exam blueprint:

  1. Increase emphasis on CDM cases, including cases with short answer responses  (See samples here)
  2. Approximately a third of the questions will be in the short answer format
  3. New topics covered in the new blueprint
  4. Increase of audio, video, and image exhibits
  5. The exam is a two-day exam (See details for blueprint changes here)

COMBANK quickly responded to the changes as we have over 1500 questions total that mirror the exam, plenty of questions to build your test-taking endurance, and the ability to create long, timed practice exams.

Our COMLEX Level 3 2018 Edition is highly focused towards creating success on the new blueprint. To get started preparing for the new COMLEX Level 3 Blueprint exam, click here.

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