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How TrueLearn Helps Raise Schools’ Scores on USMLE & COMLEX Exams

Tuesday, February 20, 2018
By The TrueLearn Team

When it comes to preparing medical students for what’s beyond the walls of their institution, schools are in a difficult place. You’re charged with training competent physicians while also preparing them to score their highest on either the USMLE or COMLEX exams, or both.

Fortunately, TrueLearn’s institutional platform makes it easier on schools by empowering faculty and advocating on behalf of students.

Created to help medical schools combine curriculum and exam prep, TrueLearn’s institutional platform helps students achieve higher scores on high-stakes medical licensure exams by implementing the testing effect.

Read on to discover how you can use TrueLearn to raise your school’s scores on high-stakes medical exams.

Empower Your Faculty

truelearn-institution-platformGiving your faculty the tools they need to successfully prepare their students for USMLE and COMLEX is one of the most powerful thing institutions can do.

TrueLearn’s SmartBanks are comprised of the content and technology needed to provide tremendous insight into the preparedness of individual students, cohorts of students and the class as a whole. This allows USMLE and COMLEX prep to be collaborative among faculty and students.

Within the institutional platform, faculty can administer quizzes from a SmartBank of thousands of practice questions written by top experts in their field of study following the exam blueprint and an interface that mirrors the actual exam. As students take questions, you’ll have full transparency into individual testing behaviors, and you’ll have the ability to identify strong and weak performers.

Track how students perform on specific topics and specific types of questions, and compare those metrics to student performance across the nation. Not to mention, you will have a confident idea of how to predict your students’ score before the exam.

With the arsenal of tools the TrueLearn institutional platform gives faculty, schools’ are given the insights needed to raise their overall student scores.

Advocate for Your Students

One of the  most important things students can do leading up to taking the COMLEX and USMLE exams is take questions in an environment mirroring that of the actual exam. That is the opportunity the TrueLearn portal creates.

TrueLearn offers features like:

  • Timed test modes
  • Smart Cards – providing tips to better performance
  • The Bottom Line – texts that increase long-term memory retention
  • Live exam simulation
  • Advanced analytics

It’s been proven that students who take more questions leading up to the exam in a mirroring environment score higher than those who do not. It’s also been proven that students who prepare using TrueLearn score higher than those who do not.

So, why not set your students up for success? Let’s collaborate and set your students up for success.

Demo the TrueLearn Institutional Platform

Learn more about how you can align your curriculum and your students’ USMLE and/or COMLEX exam prep. Learn more about TrueLearn.

Sign-up to demo the institutional platform today, and discover how you can empower your faculty while advocating for your students!


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