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USMLE Step 1-Style Question Breakdown Webinar with Med School Tutors

Wednesday, July 31, 2019
By The TrueLearn Team

Learn New Techniques for Breaking Down Tough USMLE Step 1 Questions

Watch the experts at Med School Tutors in an insightful webinar that broke down USMLE Step 1 practice questions using Truelearn’s SmartBank for USMLE Step 1. See different approaches and how you can use the information in the questions and answer options to solve correctly.


Fred Bertino, MD did an amazing job demonstrating his methodical approach to really understanding the question, segmenting key bits of information revealed, and how you can find all the clues necessary to identify the correct answers. Sana Majid, MD showcased her own approach where she preferred to dive right in and get to the meat of the question. Both tactics prove to be effective for their own thought processes. See which style aligns to your preferences! TrueLearn’s very own Sherry Smith, PhD added insights into preparation techniques, things to keep in mind through your preparation, and how learning science can help improve your overall scores!

What’s Covered

  • Great discussion between two highly-respected USMLE tutors that showcase various tactics to prepare for the USMLE Step 1
  • Logic behind USMLE Step 1 questions and how to find the best answer
  • Q & A answering FAQs Regarding the Exam
  • Learning Science Insight with Dr. Sherry Smith, PhD of TrueLearn

Who Should Watch

  • Second year medical students preparing to take the USMLE Step 1/li>

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  • Mention this webinar at your complimentary phone consult for $100 off your Trial Session!

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