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we created truelearn to help
physicians become great test takers

Preparing for licensure exams in medicine is challenging for
even the highest performing students and residents.
We help learners realize their full potential.


Dr. Joshua Courtney founded TrueLearn because he wanted every medical student to have the opportunity to Match into their desired residency program.

To fund the company, he used student loan money, sweat equity, and a lot of grit. He saw too many students limit their potential by getting low board scores after using suboptimal methods of preparation.

Today, Dr. Courtney carries the same belief that every student has the ability to become a better standardized test-taker, and has seen it realized by tens of thousands of young physicians who have used TrueLearn to reach their goals in medicine.


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A key component to our success has been our company culture, which is rooted in academic medicine. We pride ourselves on being a data-centric organization, one that embraces innovation, creativity, and humility.

We push ourselves to maintain a growth mindset and to work collaboratively toward a common mission. At the end of the day, the interests of our students are our collective priority in all that we do.


Our shared purpose has always been, and will always be to do everything in our power to advocate for students and residents to the best of our ability.

We do this by providing an unparalleled testing experience that gets results. We believe every student and resident has the potential of becoming a better standardized test-taker. We strive to ensure every learner, regardless of their age, ethnicity, or background, meets their performance goals on test day.


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We strive to put student’s interests first. Every feature we add, every innovation discovered, and every decision we make is to better advocate for our learners.

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We pride ourselves on being a data-driven organization. Our goal is to leverage data in meaningful ways to incite better decision-making for our learners. 

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We aspire to be lifelong learners, as individuals and as an organization. Nothing about life is static; we can either grow or decline – we chose the former.

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It has been estimated, the average person lives 27,375 days. Why not do something special every day and make each of them count?

Thousands of Students, Residents, and Institutions Rely on TrueLearn.

Here are some of their stories.