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Goodbye, Q-Banks.
Hello, SmartBanks.

TrueLearn SmartBanks combine high-quality, exam-style practice questions, comparative analytics, mnemonic videos, learning science principles, and individualized testing behaviors to guide learning and increase performance on high-stakes exams.

What makes a SmartBank different from other question banks?


Focus your study time on areas that will have the biggest impact

Time is limited and your study time needs to be as impactful as possible. SmartBanks allow you to identify categories in which you underperform so you can create custom quizzes to focus on those areas. Run in Tutor Mode for rich answer explanations that make understanding difficult topics easy.


Turn your weaknesses into strengths

Ready to study for your exams? As you take questions, we identify which questions you miss and use learning science techniques including spaced repetition, mnemonic devices and practice retrieval to proactively push highly-personalized content that bolsters a specific subject or topic to long-term memory. This leads to increased retention of up to 331%!


Simulate test day before it happens

Train in an online testing environment that mirrors what you will see on test day. Our SmartBanks are like a flight simulator for your specific exam.

Test your best with TrueLearn!

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Exam Alignment

Each SmartBank is mapped to the content outline (or blueprint) for the exam and topics are assigned based on representation in the exam’s content outline.

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Always Updated

Medical knowledge and exam blueprints can change rapidly; we add and update test items on a regular basis to ensure our SmartBanks are always up-to-date.

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Varied Testing Modes

The TrueLearn platform allows learners to take questions in three different testing modes: timed, untimed, and tutor mode.

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Detailed Explanations

We focus on developing clear explanations to reinforce learning points and reference where you can learn more.

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Bottom Lines

We provide succinct and to-the-point bottom lines to improve contextual learning. We reduce complex explanations into simple, easy to understand snippets.

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Once the first 100 questions have been taken, the learner dashboard will populate with custom analytics as compared to the national average.

TrueLearn is now integrated with Picmonic!

SmartBanks, bundled with Picmonic, drive strong performance throughout your learning journey.


  • Provides a more efficient and effective learning loop that’s science-backed.
  • Picmonic ensures understanding and retention of concepts.
  • TrueLearn assesses the ability to apply that knowledge through exam-style questions identifying areas of strengths and weaknesses.
  • When gaps are identified, the learner can seamlessly return to the concept for review in Picmonic and then can reassess with TrueLearn until mastery is achieved.

Test your best with TrueLearn!

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