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Goodbye, Q-Banks.
Hello, SmartBanks.

TrueLearn SmartBanks combine high-quality realistic practice questions, cognitive research, and individualized testing behaviors to guide learning and increase performance on high stakes medical exams.

Keep Testing Yourself. Taking practice test is one of the most impactful ways to learn


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Smartbanks turn your weak areas into your strengths

As you take questions, we identify which questions you miss and use learning science techniques including spaced repetition to proactively push highly-personalized content to bolster that specific subject or topic to long-term memory.

SmartBanks Allow You To Focus Your Study Time On The Areas That Will Have The Biggest Impact

Time is limited and your study time needs to be impactful as possible. SmartBanks allow you to identify categories in which you underperform so you can create custom quizzes to focus on those areas.  Run in Tutor Mode for rich answer explanations that make understanding difficult topics easy.
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content specialized for your exam. to help you succeed on exam day.

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Medical knowledge and exam blueprints can change rapidly. We add and update test items on a regular basis to ensure our SmartBanks are always up-to-date.


We focus on developing clear explanations to reinforce
learning points and reference where you can learn more.


Succinct and to-the-point Bottom Lines improve contextual learning by reducing complex explanations into simple, easy-to-understand snippets.  

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See how you compare to peers across the nation. Benchmark your performance against individuals nationwide to know exactly where you stand. Then track your improvement over time using our SmartBanks dynamic charting functionality.
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Simulate Test Day Before it Happens

Train in a similar online testing environment that you will encounter on test day. Our SmartBanks are like a flight simulator for your specific exam.
Bring TrueLearn to your Institution
Whether you are a student, resident, or administrator, TrueLearn offers incentives for groups.