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Challenge yourself with thousands of USMLE-formatted practice questions written by an expert team of physician item-writers well-versed in the NBME's examination blueprint.

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See how you match up to other medical students that are using our USMLE Qbank across the nation through TrueLearn's real-time analytics dashboard, which maps performance over time and tracks your rate of improvement. Our USMLE question bank and analytics help you to know exactly where you stand when your test day arrives!

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Simulate Test Day at Home

Our USMLE Step 1, Step 2, and Subject Exam SmartBanks help you train yourself in the same environment as the actual USMLE. TrueLearn's testing platform is designed to simulate the look and feel of the USMLE's examination interface.

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Prepare, Assess, and Improve using TrueLearn's SmartBanks at home or on the go using the mobile app.

On Test Day

When you arrive at the testing center, you will feel like you are at home using TrueLearn on your couch.

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TrueLearn's institutional portal is a dynamic tool created for medical schools and residency programs who take an active approach to ensuring high performance on licensure exams. Benchmark your residents and students to others throughout the nation in real-time.

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Dr. Peter M. Santoro

Attending General Surgeon

Christiana Health Care System

TrueLearn was an extremely valuable tool that I used yearly during my residency. The questions are very similar in structure to the real exam, sometimes almost word for word. The content is spot on, and the question explanations are excellent with sources cited. I was able to achieve an average score of 93rd percentile over the course of my residency, 2 of the years scoring 98th percentile. A big contributing factor was using TrueLearn as part of my exam prep. I would recommend it to anyone, and I have done so many times. It's by far the best preparation tool that I've come across.

Dr. Jared Landry

Former Chief Resident

Having used TrueLearn for the previous 3 years, I am a big advocate for it's use in board preparation. The questions have always been high quality, and the quantity has more than doubled since I began using the program 3 years ago. As chief resident, I am always spreading the news of such a great program that provides excellent board prep similar to questions released by the board and in a computer format very similar to actual testing. No matter how many textbooks you read and how much review material you go through, you will not excel on this exam without doing practice questions. TrueLearn is the addition that you must have for board prep.

Wazhma Nasiri

American University of Antigua

I used Truelearn for my USMLE Step 1 exam studies. I enjoyed the Qbank very much. I really liked the style of the questions and more importantly the explanations to the questions. The explanations to the questions were on point and it actually pointed out the clues of the questions which actually helped me become a better test taker and start seeing the clues of the questions faster. During my Step 1 exam I felt that the questions were very similar to TrueLearn from all the other Q-banks that I had used. TrueLarn helped me achieve an excellent score on my USMLE Step 1 exam, and I plan on using it for my USMLE Step 2 exam as well.

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