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TrueLearn's SmartBank for the ABEM Qualifying exam is designed to help residents and attendings become familiar with ABEM-style test items in a simulated examination setting. All of our emergency medicine board review questions are written to mirror the current version of the EM blueprint model which ABEM uses to construct its multiple choice examinations. These test items are written specifically for residents preparing for the 2018 ABEM qualifying examination.

The ABEM qualifying examination is administered once per year, typically in the fall, at over 200 computer-based testing centers in the US. The examination is divided into two separately timed sections each lasting three hours and ten minutes. All items on the ABEM qualifying exam are multiple choice and may or may not be based on images or figures. Candidates who successfully complete the ABEM qualifying examination with a satisfactory score are then eligible to sit for their oral boards. A score of 75 or greater is needed for passing.

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Take emergency medicine board review questions in the cloud on any mobile device by downloading TrueLearn's mobile apps. Whether testing from your iPad in the operating room between cases, or at home on your couch, you will always have access to your SmartBank account. Simply download one of the apps below and start testing.

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Constantly Updated Questions

Every subscriber to our ABEM Qual SmartBank has access to 1500 questions that match the ABEM blueprint. 1,000 of these questions are brand new, never before seen questions to the SmartBank! The other 500 are questions that have been reviewed and deemed as some of our best from previous years ITEs.

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