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Haven’t mastered questions that require critical – NCLEX-RN questions require a high level of critical thinking.  It is imperative that students are able to navigate through these difficult item types with ease. Regularly practicing these types of questions will position the student for the best chance of passing the first time.

Unsure how to study for high-stakes certification exams – Learning science techniques, such as spaced repetition, interleaving, and varied practice, have optimized the way learners prepare for exams, turning average test-takers into top performers. By identifying strong and weak areas early on, learners can immerse themselves in the right follow-up content to improve their weak points in record time.

Don’t use the right study materials – Many students will use basic study materials that don’t provide rich answer explanations, give insight into correct and incorrect answers, or create succinct and memorable “Bottom Lines” that make it easy to remember the key information to getting the question right.  When incorporating this practice with a strong focus on weak areas, it can have a dramatic impact on a student’s ability to succeed.

It's our mission to help you pass the
NCLEX-RN the first time!

See How TrueLearn Prepares you for Success

Immersive Study Aid that Combines Practice Questions, Answer Explanations, and Learning Science!

Practice Questions

“Practice makes perfect.” Take questions that align to the NCLEX-RN blueprint. Review TrueLearn’s rich answer explanations and succinct bottom lines.

Identify Strengths
and Weaknesses

Track your performance. Quickly see your category performance broken down by blueprint categories. Compare results to peers. Know exactly where to focus your study time.

Cognitive Science

We proactively text you succinct and memorable “Bottom Line” explanations at deliberately spaced time intervals proven to improve knowledge retention.

on Test Day

Know you will succeed. 

Effective Immersive Experience is Backed by Science

We shift the burden of studying best practices from the student to our Software!

There are three key principles of learning science we embed into our NCLEX-RN SmartBank for certification exams to give you an advantage:

  1.  Retrieval Practice:  Long-term memory is increased when some of the learning period is devoted to retrieving the new information through testing with proper feedback.
  2. Spaced Repetition:  A learning technique that incorporates increasing intervals of time between subsequent review of previously learned material in order to exploit the psychological spacing effect. 
  3. Testing Effect: The well-established psychological effect that the mere act of testing someone’s memory will strengthen the memory, regardless of whether there is feedback.  Learn More


Relentless Drive for High-Quality Practice Questions for the NCLEX-RN

NCLEX-RN-style questions are prepared by nursing faculty and educational leaders with specific expertise to ensure questions match the format of the exam for style and accuracy.

A proprietary psychometric algorithm ranks question quality, helping us identify items to revise and adjust. This guarantees students are working through questions that most effectively help prepare for the NCLEX-RN and ensure passing the first time.


Rich Answer Explanations Fundamentally
Improve Your Understanding

We make it easy to see what questions were missed, understand why incorrect answers were wrong, and understand why the correct answer was the best choice.  

Opt-in to receive SmartText with easy-to-digest information for answers marked incorrect to reinforce the content to long-term memory. 

We identify weak areas and use the learning science principle of spaced repetition to enhance memory of that subject by texting “Bottom Lines” at deliberately timed increments.

When Everything is Combined...
It's Extremely Effective!

The average TrueLearn user improves their percentile by up to 20% when completing a SmartBank.  We evaluated 3900 students across all exam banks controlling for multiple variables and found clear improvement trends for students engaging in retrieval practice by completing a Smartbank.

View the independent study by the American Journal of Surgery that validates our own internal findings.

American Journal of Surgery Study

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