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Maximize Your Scoring Potential

Challenge yourself with 1000 PRITE-style questions and explanations specifically designed to mirror the PRITE format and blueprint. As you progress through your PRITE review on your computer or mobile device, our SmartBank platform will provide you with analytics and personalized feedback to help you maximize your performance on the PRITE.

Take your PRITE review with you wherever you are by downloading TrueLearn's mobile apps. Whether testing from your iPad in the operating room between cases, or at home on your couch, you will always have access to your PRITE question bank account. Simply download one of the apps below and start testing.

TrueLearn\'s SmartBank Android App TrueLearn\'s SmartBank iOS App

Constantly Updated Questions

Every subscriber to our PRITE question bank has access to 1000 questions that match the ABPN blueprint. Half of these questions are brand new, never before seen questions to the PRITE Qbank! The other 500 are questions that have been reviewed and deemed as some of our best from previous years.

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