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Medical Assistant Certification Test Prep

CMA Practice Exams

  • 900+ Practice Questions Aligned To Certification Exams
  • Categories Mapped To The CMA, RMA, NCMA, & CCMA Blueprints
  • Written By Content Experts
  • Performance Analytics & Real-Time National Benchmarking
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Medical Assistant Certification Exam SmartBank

  • 900+ Test Items
  • Mapped To The CMA, RMA, NCMA, & CCMA Blueprints
  • Written by Content Experts
  • Performance Analytics & Real-Time National Benchmarking
  • Activate SmartBank When Ready
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Medical Assistant Certification Exam SmartBank

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  • 900+ Test Items
  • Mapped To The CMA, RMA, NCMA, & CCMA Blueprints
  • Written by Content Experts
  • Performance Analytics & Real-Time National Benchmarking
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Medical Assistant Certification Exam SmartBank

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  • 900+ Test Items
  • Mapped To The CMA, RMA, NCMA, & CCMA Blueprints
  • Written by Content Experts
  • Performance Analytics & Real-Time National Benchmarking
  • Activate SmartBank When Ready
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Challenges Medical Assisting students face when preparing for their exam.

On average, 40% of Medical Assisting students fail on their AAMA Certification.

Underestimate the difficulty

Many students think if they scored well in their classes, they will easily pass the certification exam. This overconfidence prevents students from allocating the necessary time and resources to pass.

Don’t know how to study for high-stakes certification exams

Test-prep has benefited highly from the field of learning science. There are new scientific methodologies that turn average test-takers into high-performers. Many fail to identify their strengths and weaknesses by the exam categories early in their study plan and spend time on areas that won’t have the greatest impact.

Don’t use the right study materials

Many students will use basic study materials that don’t provide rich answer explanations, give insight into correct and incorrect answers, or create succinct and memorable “Bottom Lines” that make it easy to remember the key information to getting the question right. When incorporating this practice with a strong focus on weak areas, it can have a dramatic impact on a student’s ability to succeed.

2021 Proven Outcomes


Number of Learners

In 2021, 43,819 learners used our platform to help prepare for their exams.


Number of Questions Taken

Learners took over 58 million questions within all our exam banks in 2021.


Performance Improvement

Learners improved their exam bank performance an average of 13.5% within 2020-2021.

TrueLearn SmartBank: Not Just Another Question Bank

Our Medical Assistant practice questions will prepare you for the CMA, RMA, NCMA, and CCMA exams. SmartBank is designed to help you study for your upcoming test, improve your comphrension of the material, and help you predict how you’ll score.

Practice Questions

900+ Medical Assistant-style practice questions written by faculty members and content experts based on the CMA, RMA, NCMA, & CCMA blueprints.

High-Quality Explanations

Rich answer explanations that fundamentally improve your understanding. We make it easy for you to see what you missed, understand why incorrect answers were wrong, and why the correct answer was the best choice.

Custom Quizzes

Create customized quizzes around specific systems and clinical areas where you score low in a computer-simulated environment with practice questions are written in the same style you will encounter on test day.

Performance Dashboard

TrueLearn’s performance dashboard provides informative metrics on strengths and weaknesses in real-time, including category performance and benchmarking – quickly see where you stand compared to peers across the nation.

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Sample TrueLearn’s high-yield Medical Assistanting practice questions for free today and experience the difference!

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Exam Prep Just Got Smarter

Think you need a little extra study time around specific content? Narrow down questions by certain keywords to create customized quizzes around those topics. Quickly create a focused test to further your knowledge of any weak areas of study!


TrueLearn’s platform is enhanced with all of the features to help you reach your goals in medicine. With detailed score and percentile insights and real-time national average comparisons, you will know exactly where you stand amongst your peers.


Every day counts towards your studies. With text reminders of key topics sent directly to your phone, you can continue to re-expose yourself to key learning points on missed questions even on clinically busy days. These key insights are sent at specific intervals to enhance learning and long-term retention.

Take a deep dive into your specific individual testing habits and behaviors, seeing your average time per question and more with the SmartTips tool.

After reviewing your weaknesses and personalized performance, set your desired 3-number score and begin tracking your progress to help you achieve your highest level of success come exam day!

Backed By Science

Key principles of learning science we embed into our Medical Assistant SmartBank to give you an advantage. Our MA SmartBank is embedded with three key principles of learning science to give you the most advantage ahead of exam day!


Retrieval Practice

Did you know that deliberately recalling information is more effective for long-term retention than other study methods? When testing using Timed mode in TrueLearn’s Medical Assistant SmartBank, you can enhance your time management skills while improving your testing stamina!

Spaced Repetition

Reduce the forgetting curve when you incorporate spaced repetition into your learning! Make difficult concepts easier to remember by studying a topic in systematic intervals. Use TrueLearn’s graphs to track your performance and see how you improve from spaced repetition.

Testing Effect

Studies have shown that simulating the testing experience helped to increase learning and decrease testing anxieties. TrueLearn’s board style questions, testing interface, and timed environment will get you one step closer to feeling comfortable on test day.

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