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Start improving exam outcomes for
your students and residents today.

Dedicated technology platform for medical schools, residency programs, and allied
health programs looking to optimize performance on in-service and licensure exams.


Here's how it works!

Improve Outcomes by Making Exam Preparation a Collaborative Process
with Deans and Program Directors


Students and Residents Take Thousands of Board-Style Questions

Students get access to the content, questions, explanations, and all the benefits of the SmartBank to help accelerate their individual performance on high-stakes exams.

Administrators and staff can generate and assign quizzes to measure how effective the curriculum being taught prepares your students for their critical exams.  


Faculty and Program Directors Gain Predictive Insights and Data

Observe the testing behaviors of your students and residents as they take hundreds of test items within TrueLearn’s SmartBank platform and work toward better outcomes.


You Improve Class Averages by optimizing curriculum deficiencies and identifying
at-risk learners

It’s simple. The more test items you take in TrueLearn, the better you will perform on test day. Take advantage of proven methodologies such as spaced repetition, interleaving, and varied practice to optimize your learning experience using our USMLE SmartBanks. Our approach is data-driven, and we have the results to back it up!

It's a Win-Win for Learners and Your Institution

  • Student Scores Improve Dramatically
  • Students / Residents Achieve Goals
  • Class Averages Go Up
  • Demand For Your Program Goes Up

Empower Your Faculty. Advocate For Your Students.

Faculty & Program Director

Students & Residents

  • Predictive data and insights for both individuals and targeted cohorts
  • Full transparency into the testing behaviors of “at-risk” students and residents
  • Assessment exams that simulate test day and provide predictive insight into performance
  • Improve testing outcomes with thousands of practice questions paired with advanced learning sciences.
  • Realistic exam environment prepares, reduces anxiety, and builds confidence
  • Using agile performance analytics to track progress and assess strengths and weaknesses
Bring TrueLearn to your Institution
Whether you are a student, resident, or administrator, TrueLearn offers incentives for groups.