Technical Questions

Are there any minimum system requirements for using a TrueLearn subscription on my Windows or Mac computer?

To fully utilize all of the features that come with your TrueLearn subscription, your computer must:

  • Have a consistent minimum internet connection with a speed of 1.5 Mb per second
  • Use one of the following supported browsers:
  • Internet Explorer v11.0 or higher
  • Firefox – Current Stable Version
  • Chrome – Current Stable Version
  • Safari – v6.0 or higher
  • Note: Opera, IE Mobile, outdated versions of the above browsers, and other browsers are not fully supported but may operate without issue.
  • Have Have Adobe® Flash® Player, 10 or higher
  • Have a screen resolution of 1280×800 or higher
Does TrueLearn have a mobile app, and which devices are supported?

TrueLearn publishes a mobile app in the iTunes Store (iOS) and the Google Play Store (Android). All of our apps are free to download, but require an active subscription to use.

  • Our mobile apps generally work on devices that meet the below criteria:
  • iOS Devices (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch)
  • iOS version 4.3 or higher
  • at least 14MB of free storage space to install the app
  • a stable and reliable internet connection while in use – (no offline support)
  • Appstore account to download this free app
  • Standard Android Devices (Phones/Tablets)
  • Android version 2.3.3 or higher
  • at least 3MB of free storage space to install the app
  • a stable and reliable internet connection while in use
  • Account to download the free app from Google Play market place
  • Amazon Kindle Fire
  • Android OS version 4.2.2 or Higher
  • at least 3MB (maximum) of free storage space to install the app
  • a stable and reliable internet connection while in use
  • Account to download the free app from Google Play market place – app is not available in the Amazon App marketplace.
What should I do if I’m having technical difficulties while using or trying to use my TrueLearn subscription?

Visit our Support Page at www.truelearn.com/support or contact us at support@truelearn.com with a description of the problem, a screenshot if possible, and please indicate what browser you are using or mobile device you are using. We’ll work with you to resolve the problem.

In the event of an outage of any part of the TrueLearn platform is there somewhere I can go to see the latest system status?

Yes there is. status.truelearn.net provides all users with the current status of all aspects across the TrueLearn platform.

Purchases & Refunds

What should I do if I accidentally purchase the wrong product (wrong subscription length or exam)?

Visit our Support Page at www.truelearn.com/support and submit a support ticket.

What should I do if I have technical problems making a purchase?

If you experience difficulty signing up through the website, please check to make sure you are entering in the correct credit card information and personal information. If you still encounter difficulty, visit our Support Page at www.truelearn.com/support and submit a support ticket.

I see that some subscriptions include a Pass Guarantee. What does this entail?

If you purchase a subscription of 90 days or greater for a Pass/Fail exam (not an in-service exam), and you fail your exam, you will be provided a free subscription equal in length to the subscription you purchased. In order for this to be accommodated, you must send a front-page copy of your score report to support@truelearn.com.

Does TrueLearn offer institutional subscriptions to schools or residency programs?

Yes, TrueLearn works with dozens of medical schools and residency programs. To learn more about our institutional packages and prices, please visit our institutions at www.truelearn.com/institutions and submit the form on that page.

What is TrueLearn’s refund policy?

If your subscription has not been activated, we can refund you in full. Other refund requests will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

I purchased a subscription on my own, and then later my school/residency program purchased a subscription for me. Now I have two subscriptions. What are my options?

In these cases, you will be given the option to ‘merge’ the subscriptions together so that you only have 1 subscription. You can also elect to maintain two separate subscriptions. If you choose to merge your subscriptions, you will be provided with Store Credit to purchase other TrueLearn products. The amount of the Store Credit will be proportional to your original purchase price and the percentage of time that still remains at the time you merge the subscriptions.

Click here to submit a request for credit.

Can I share a subscription with my friends?

Our policies strictly prohibit sharing of subscriptions. Apart from losing out on personalized analytics that will help you understand your readiness levels and where you can improve, this sort of sharing is a violation of our Terms of Service. We monitor all of our subscriptions for behaviors that violate our Terms of Service and reserve the right to suspend your subscription in response to violations.

Subscription Activation & Renewal

Will my subscription activate when I purchase it, or can I activate it at a later time?

For a subscription that you purchase, the subscription will not activate until the first time you log in. This will begin the ‘countdown’ of time. For a subscription purchased by your institution, the subscription will be active for a set period of time (defined by a start date and end date) and will not be affected by when you first login or ‘activate’ the subscription.  Note that subscriptions will automatically activate if they have not yet been activated 365 days after purchase.

I accidentally logged in and activated my subscription, but I’m not ready to begin using it yet. Can this be fixed?

Yes, please visit our Support Page at www.truelearn.com/support and submit a support ticket. This must be done in a reasonable amount of time, and cannot be done after you’ve taken a substantial number of questions.

Can I pause my subscription and resume it later?

No, there is no way to pause or split a subscription.

Can I renew or add more time to a subscription?

Yes. Simply login to your subscription and click the ‘add more time’ button at the top right of the screen. This will show you renewal options and pricing. Note: For recurring exams just as a yearly In-Training Exam, we recommend purchasing a new subscription each year rather than continually extending an initial subscription. This will allow you to compare statistics from each successive year. Note that you must purchase a renewal within 7 days of the expiration date of your subscription; after that, you will need to purchase a new subscription.
If your subscription was purchased by your institution, you should contact your institution regarding extending the time. You will not be able to purchase a renewal yourself for an institutionally-purchased subscription.

Using Your Subscription

Where do I find out about the various statistics, graphs, and analytics presented in the TrueLearn system? How are those metrics calculated?

You can click one of the ‘Explain this Chart’ or other help links within the software to find information on all of TrueLearn’s metrics and statistics. If you have additional questions, visit our Support Page at www.truelearn.com/support and submit a support ticket.

Can I delete a test?

You can delete a test by going to the ‘My Tests’ page. Note that we limit the number of tests that you can delete as part of a subscription. Deleting a test is meant as a way to purge an invalid exam that will skew your results or statistics. For example, if you accidentally created a 50 item test but meant to create a 10 item test. Rather than leaving all of the answers blank and having this affect your Overall Score, you can delete this test. Deleted tests will not factor into any statistics. We do NOT encourage the deletion of tests unless there is a specific reason that an exam is invalid. This helps ensure that your statistics and the statistics we measure about all of your peers are as accurate as possible.

Note that you cannot delete Assessment Exams or Quizzes.

Can I completely ‘Reset’ my Subscription?

We do not allow a complete ‘Reset’ of a Subscription. Instead, we’ve built in tools that make it easy to take a second (or third) pass through all of the questions. For example, this feature will ensure that you see every question a 2nd time before you randomly see some questions a 3rd or 4th time. Additionally, we’ve enhanced our statistics to show you how you’ve been doing recently, as well as how you’ve been doing all time. By not allowing resets, it ensures that our statistics are as accurate as possible.

In addition, on the “Create a Test” page, you will see the option to “Reset Questions”.  This will allow you to create tests as though you’ve never seen any of the questions before; however, it will not delete old tests or reset any of your statistics.

My institution assigned me an ‘Assessment Exam’ or a ‘Quiz’. How do I access this?

If you are assigned an Assessment Exam or Quiz, you can access it by clicking on the ‘Assessments & Quizzes’ tab. Note that your institution will set a time window that the Assessment Exam or Quiz will be available; you will not be able to begin the Assessment or Quiz unless you are trying to do so within that time window.

I think there is an error or something unclear about a question. Who should I contact?

Please use the ‘Submit Feedback’ functionality built into our Test-Taking and Test-Review interface. This will ensure that our content team sees your comment. While we cannot guarantee an individualized response to every piece of feedback that we receive, user-submitted feedback plays a major role in our ongoing improvement of our questions.

How many times can I take each question in a SmartBank?

While there is no maximum number of times that you can take a single question in a SmartBank, each user is allowed to take a maximum of three times the amount of questions available for their subscription. For example, if your SmartBank includes 1,000 questions, you will be able to take a maximum of 3,000 questions. Once a user has taken their maximum allotted questions, they will no longer be able to create new tests without purchasing an additional subscription.


If you approach the maximum number of questions for your subscription, you will see a message displayed to keep you informed of this limit.

How do I access the new beta design?

Our new beta design is available by going to beta.truelearn.net. The classic design is still available at truelearn.net.

General Questions

How can I contact TrueLearn?

The best way to contact TrueLearn is fill out our contact form at www.truelearn.com/contact.  You can also email support@truelearn.com or call (866) 475-4777. Our support hours are 9-5 Eastern, Monday-Friday.

I have an idea for a new feature that TrueLearn should add. Who should I share that with?

We would love to hear from you! Email support@truelearn.com and we’ll pass your suggestion along to our development team.

I am interested in writing or editing items for TrueLearn’s SmartBanks. How can I apply or learn more about?

In order to continually improve our SmartBank items and explanations, we are always looking for talented contributors to work with our content team. You can fill out an application at www.truelearn.com/jobs or email info@truelearn.com for information.

Contact Us

Feel free to reach us with any comments or questions! Need technical support? Visit our contact page and complete the tech support form.


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