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Frequently Asked Questions

Find instant answers to commonly asked questions below.

Using Your Subscription

A retail subscriber will have one year following subscription purchase in which to activate their subscription. Retail subscriptions will self-activate if not activated within 365 days of purchase*.

Institutional subscribers are provided access to a subscription for a set period of time, as determined in agreement with the purchasing institution. Activation date for institutional subscriptions is not dependent upon action by the member.

*The activation window for certain retail subscriptions may exceed one year.

A subscription that has been activated and not used can be reset, given the request is made by the subscriber within 30 days of purchase. Subscriptions that show usage history cannot be reset.

No, there is no way to pause or split a subscription.

You can delete a test by going to the ‘My Tests’ page. Note that we limit the number of tests that you can delete as part of a subscriptioaTo ensure accuracy of our statistics, members are limited to three test* deletions per subscription. To delete a test, under the “Test Action” drop-down, a member will choose “Delete”, and then select “Go”. A pop up will display in which a member will be asked to verify their intent to permanently remove the test, and will notify them of how many test deletions remain for their subscription. Members will need to confirm by selecting “Delete” again to execute the requested action.

Deleted tests do not factor into any statistics. We do not encourage the deletion of tests unless there is a specific reason that an exam is invalid. Once a member has used their allotted three deletions, the option of deleting tests will disappear from the “Test Action” drop-down.

*Quizzes and assessments cannot be deleted.n. Deleting a test is meant as a way to purge an invalid exam that will skew your results or statistics. For example, if you accidentally created a 50 item test but meant to create a 10 item test. Rather than leaving all of the answers blank and having this affect your Overall Score, you can delete this test. Deleted tests will not factor into any statistics. We do NOT encourage the deletion of tests unless there is a specific reason that an exam is invalid. This helps ensure that your statistics and the statistics we measure about all of your peers are as accurate as possible.

Note that you cannot delete Assessment Exams or Quizzes.

TrueLearn does not allow full subscription resets*, however, members are able to reset their questions back to a “new” status at any time*. At the bottom of the test creation page, members will see a red “Reset Questions” button.

*Only the questions in a subscription can be reset back to being “new”. Resetting questions will not impact any previously taken tests, quizzes, or assessments, and all statistics will be preserved. Question resets cannot be reversed.

If you are assigned an Assessment Exam or Quiz, you can access it by clicking on the ‘Assessments & Quizzes’ tab. Note that your institution will set a time window that the Assessment Exam or Quiz will be available; you will not be able to begin the Assessment or Quiz unless you are trying to do so within that time window.

Using the ‘Feedback’ functionality that is built into our Test-Taking and Test-Review interface, members can notify our Editorial staff of any errors they encounter. While we cannot guarantee an individualized response to every piece of feedback that we receive, user-submitted feedback plays a major role in the ongoing improvement of our products. A history of feedback that is submitted can be viewed under the “Messages” tab, which can be found in the member’s account settings.

While there is no maximum number of times that a member can take a single question in a SmartBank, members are capped at taking a total of three times the number of guaranteed questions in a subscription.* For example, if a SmartBank is guaranteed to include 1,000 questions, a member will be able to take a maximum of 3,000 questions before reaching the question cap. Once a member has reached the question cap for their subscription, they will be unable to create further tests, however, will be able to continue reviewing any previously taken questions throughout the duration of their subscription.

An ongoing alert will display on the test creation page once a member reaches the halfway point of meeting their question cap.

*There is a small cushion to accommodate for any questions that may exceed the guaranteed number of questions in a subscription. Once an assessment has been completed, and results have been released, the question cap on a subscription will increase in consideration of the additional questions that are added.

TrueLearn’s policies strictly prohibit sharing of subscriptions. Apart from losing out on personalized analytics that will help you understand your readiness levels and where you can improve, this sort of sharing is a violation of our Terms of Service. We monitor all of our subscriptions for behaviors that violate our Terms of Service and reserve the right to suspend your subscription in response to violations.

A retail subscriber will have one year following subscription purchase in which to activate their subscription. Retail subscriptions will self-activate if not activated within 365 days of purchase*.

Institutional subscribers are provided access to a subscription for a set period of time, as determined in agreement with the purchasing institution. Activation date for institutional subscriptions is not dependent upon action by the member.

*The activation window for certain retail subscriptions may exceed one year.

Select the overflow actions menu (3 vertical dots) to find additional actions and information. If you have additional questions, please contact our support team.

After selecting a test action from the drop down, a member must click the “go” button to execute the action. The “go” button is located to the right of the test name. Screen size may require adjustment if the “go” button does not display.

Tests created in timed mode will run on a timer, allowing learners the same amount of time per question as they would have on their actual exam. After completing a timed test, a learner will have the ability to review all of their questions, with a detailed explanation of the correct and incorrect answer choices.

Untimed tests operate in the same fashion as timed tests, but without the timer. After completing an untimed test, a learner will have the ability to review all of their questions, with a detailed explanation of the correct and incorrect answer choices.

Tutor mode tests are in untimed mode, and allow learners the ability to answer a question, and then view the explanation of the correct and incorrect answer choices immediately following.

This can occur with multipart questions, if any part of a multipart question was previously answered incorrectly.

To create a test using marked questions, a member must first change the question type to “Used”. When used questions are selected, a “Marked Questions” checkbox will display. Checking this box will update the available questions to include only questions that have previously been marked. Choosing any other combination of options for test creation with the intention of pulling only marked questions may result in pulling questions that have not been marked. For example, choosing “All New and Used”, and “Marked” may pull new questions that a member has not seen before, in addition to questions they have seen before and marked.

Quizzes or assessments can be found under the “Assessments” tab, which is located on the member homepage directly below the SmartCard box. All institutional assignments must be completed within the window of time that is established by the institution. TrueLearn cannot reopen, or make adjustments to any assignments without proper consent from the purchasing institution.

By clicking on the circle in the top right corner of a member’s home screen where their initials are displayed, they will see the option to select “Exam Notes”. Exam notes can be printed by clicking on the printer icon to the top right of this page.

Under the “Billing” tab from within the account settings, a member will see a list of all retail subscriptions that were purchased under their account. Clicking “Re-issue” will send a copy of the receipt to the member’s account email.

Members can enable bottom line text notifications by clicking on the “Notifications” tab, which can be found under their account settings. Currently, TrueLearn is able to support sending members only one text message per day, per subscription.

Research shows that spacing your studying out over time leads to more robust long-term memorization than studying for the same amount of time in a single session. Enabling text notifications will allow members to receive a text message with the bottom line of a question they have missed three days following completion of a test.

Mobile Questions

Available quizzes can be taken on your mobile device. Select the Quizzes toggle on your “Test” page to view all assigned quizzes. To re-open unavailable quizzes, please contact your program administrator. Assessments are not available through the mobile app.

Yes, practice tests can be created and resumed on the mobile app or desktop. Please note that the transition of devices,may impact the display of information in the testing interface. If you experience this, please make sure a view has been selected in the dropdown.

At this time, our mobile app only supports multiple choice type questions. Please log in through the web browser to access all question types.

  • Purchasing additional SmartBank, Extensions, or Assessments must be done through the web browser.
  • Test can only be deleted when logged in through the web browser. Customers are limited to deleting up to three tests per subscription.
  • SmartTools are accessible through the web browser to provide customers with more robust analytics. 
    • SmartCards: Get insightful information about your testing habits and behaviors.
    • SmartTexts: Re-expose yourself to the key learning points on missed questions at specific intervals.
    • SmartSearch: Access questions by specific keywords and create customized quizzes.
    • SmartAnalytics: Get detailed insight into your performance with real-time national average comparisons.
  • Manage your account and subscription through the web browser – review billing information, your profile, review messages, and edit notifications.
  • Exam Notes are available only through the web browser.
  • Only multiple-choice question types are available through the mobile app. To view all question types, please log into the web browser.
  • When you log into your account through either the web browser or mobile app, if you have more than one available, your account will default you to the SmartBank most recently used.

Purchase and Refunds

Members should reach out to our support team in the event that an incorrect product is purchased. In cases where the intended product is part of the same product family as the product that was erroneously purchased, it is advised that members not re-purchase the intended product, as our support team may be able to make adjustments to avoid additional charges and refunds.

If you experience difficulty in purchasing, please verify that the credit card information being entered matches the information that is associated with the card being used. Please take note of any payment errors that present so that they can be referenced in communication with our support team.

Members who are unsuccessful in passing their exam after using TrueLearn will be provided complimentary access to a new subscription, equal in length to the subscription that was originally purchased*. In order for this to be accommodated, a member must submit a copy of their score report, which can be uploaded directly through their account settings / subscriptions list. To the right of the exam name in the subscriptions list, there will be an option to “Upload Score”. Alternatively, members can email their score reports to .

The collection of score reports is intended solely for our internal data. Individual results are kept confidential within the TrueLearn system and used strictly for statistical purposes. Our pass guarantee requires that score reports be provided in their entirety. To be accepted, a score report must include a member’s name, exam date, score, and full assessment of performance.

*The pass guarantee applies to subscriptions that are purchased in the duration of 90 days or longer and applies to pass/fail exams only. Only one pass guarantee can be honored per subscription that is purchased. Subscriptions that are purchased institutionally do not qualify for the pass guarantee. Score reports must include the exam taker’s name, score, and date of exam in order to be considered for the pass guarantee. TrueLearn does not offer a money-back guarantee.

We offer predictive Assessments to better gauge your test-taking abilities and to simulate the exam environment. Assessment questions are unique from questions available in your SmartBank.

To purchase the Retail Assessment, select the initials circle on your TrueLearn dashboard, and then “Settings.” Choose the appropriate subscription, and the option to “Add Assessment.” To finalize your purchase, select the shopping cart icon. Upon completion, you will receive a performance report and will be able to review the Assessment questions.

Please Note: You must have an active subscription to purchase the Assessment.

All refunds are evaluated on a case by case basis, with one case having no bearing on another. Refund amounts and type are determined by TrueLearn, and are final. Refund requests for subscriptions that have not been activated must be made within 30 days of original purchase.

When an institutional subscription purchase duplicates a subscription that was purchased by an individual customer, the customer will be given the option to merge their personal and institutional subscriptions together, so that they will have only one subscription.* Customers may also elect to maintain two separate subscriptions if it is preferred to keep their personal data separate. If a subscription is merged, the customer will be provided a prorated credit*, which is determined based on the remaining value of the personal subscription at the time of merging.*

*Subscriptions can be merged only if they are for the same exam bank, and version. Subscriptions must be under the same email account in order to be merged. If a member’s subscriptions are under different email accounts, they can combine them to be under only one by visiting their account profile, and selecting “Merge Accounts”. TrueLearn Support can also assist in moving subscriptions from one account to another. Merging must be done prior to activation of the institutional subscription. If a member merges their subscription independently, they will need to contact TrueLearn support on the day of merging so that remaining value can be determined. Store credit will expire one year following date of issuance. Monetary pro-rated refunds may apply to certain subscriptions.

Click here to submit a Request for Credit

Institutional type subscriptions are subscriptions that are purchased by a learner’s institution. Designated contacts from within the institution have access to viewing a learner’s scoring data for all questions taken under a subscription, as well as the ability to assign and view results of quizzes and assessments.

Retail type subscriptions are subscriptions that are purchased by an individual. No data from a retail subscription is shared with a learner’s institution.

A TrueLearn member may have access to both an institutional type and retail type subscription under the same account email.

Customers who have been provided store credit will be sent an email containing a unique coupon code.   A store credit coupon code can be entered and applied within a customer’s shopping cart prior to checkout. Store credit will expire one year from the date of issuance.

Extensions can be purchased for retail subscriptions. Customers have a one-week grace period following subscription expiration in which this can be done. Once the grace period for an extension has passed, a new subscription must be purchased, to which previous data will not be carried over.

*Institutional subscription extensions must be approved by the purchasing institution. A member in need of an institutional subscription extension should request this directly from their school/program administrator. Individual members cannot purchase extensions on institutional subscriptions, and requests without proper approval cannot be honored.

Technical Questions

To fully utilize all of the features that come with your TrueLearn subscription, your computer must:

  • Have a consistent minimum internet connection with a speed of 1.5 Mbps
  • Use a current major release of one of the following supported browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari
  • Note: Opera, Internet Explorer, outdated versions of the above browsers, or other browsers may operate without issue but are not supported

TrueLearn publishes a mobile app in the iTunes Store (iOS) and the Google Play Store (Android). All of our apps are free to download, but require an active subscription to use.

All devices require a stable and reliable internet connection while the app is in use. There is no support for an offline mode. Our mobile apps generally work on devices that meet the below criteria:

iOS Devices (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch)

  • iOS version 10.0 or higher
  • at least 12MB of free storage space to install the app
  • Appstore account to download this free app

Standard* Android Device (Phones/Tablet)

  • Android version 8 (Oreo) or higher
  • at least 8.4MB of free storage space to install the app
  • Account to download the free app from Google Play

Amazon Kindle Fire

  • Android OS version 5.3 or newer
  • at least 8.4MB of free storage space to install the app
  • Sideloaded Google Play Store – our app is not available in the Amazon App marketplace.

*Users who have enabled developer mode on Android must manually select the most recent version of Android System WebView to ensure stability.

Web Browser
Often times technical issues through the browser interface are found to be a result of caching, or specific to a certain web browser and browser version. If you are experiencing trouble in loading any aspects of your account, the issue may be resolved by clearing your browser cache or updating your web browser.

Mobile App
Members experiencing issues with the TrueLearn mobile app should first attempt to uninstall and then re-install the app on their mobile device. Subscriptions must be activated through the browser before they will be accessible through the mobile app.

If a member is experiencing technical issues that cannot be self-resolved, they should contact our support team. For issues related to the browser service, our support team will need to know whether a member is using a PC or Mac, as well as the browser / browser version being used. For issues related to the mobile app, our support team will need to know the device being used, and the operating system that is running. Any additional details or screen shots that a member can provide will be helpful in determining the cause of the issue(s).

Tests that are created via the iOS/Android mobile app and later accessed through the web browser may result in an incorrect test view display.

To ensure that your test is displaying in the correct view, check the “View” dropdown at the top of your screen from within your testing interface. If the view drop down is blank, click the dropdown to select one of the available views for your exam. Display of the incorrect (blank) test view may result in feature limitation, and block exhibits from showing.

General Questions

We are always looking for ways to improve, and appreciate any and all suggestions. Please contact our support team with your suggestions, and we will be sure that they are heard.

In order to continually improve our SmartBank items and explanations, we are always looking for talented contributors to work with our content team. You can fill out an application at or email for information.