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Experience it FirsT with COMBANK

  • The Most Realistic COMLEX Level 3 Experience on the Planet
  • NEW CDM Cases Formatted to Mirror Those Tested on COMLEX
  • Over 1,500+ COMLEX Level 3 Practice Questions
  • New Simulated Prometric Testing Interface – Just like the Real Test
  • First-Time Pass Guarantee – We Have Your Back!


We Know COMLEX Level 3 Questions Better Than Anyone!

Every COMLEX Level 3 practice question is analyzed for its alignment to the new COMLEX Level 3 blueprint, difficulty, medical accuracy, and overall quality.  We have strict editorial control processes with active learner feedback to ensure question quality throughout the question bank.  Attention to detail on every aspect of the question ensures you are well-prepared for the actual exam.

Just like the exam itself, at COMBANK, our item writing is based on the actual new COMLEX Level 3 blueprint published by the NBOME. Our item writers pay attention to every detail of the question stem and interrogatory. Emphasis is placed on crafting items that require 2nd and 3rd order thinking in the same format as the COMLEX Level 3.

A fundamental element of the COMLEX Level 3 practice question item writing is to utilize best-practices for crafting answer choices that are positively-worded, homogenous in length, and have a “best” option.  We use psychometric analysis to ensure our team items meet the highest standards of scrutiny.

To leverage the full benefits of the “testing effect”, we focus on creating impactful COMLEX Level 3 answer explanations for both the ‘correct’ answer choice, and for each ‘incorrect’ answer choice. To make learning even more durable, we use figures, charts, and diagrams to explain difficult concepts. When reviewing TrueLearn explanations, it’s common to pick up as many as 10 additional learning points that can be useful on test day.

Data-Driven Results

The data shows an average student improves their 3-digit Score by 60 points after completing COMBANK.

*We evaluated 3900 students controlling for multiple variables and found clear improvement trends for students engaging in retrieval practice by completing COMBANK.






Take over 2000 COMLEX-format test items in the NEW 2019 simulated Prometric environment.



Track your performance in real-time and benchmark yourself against other osteopathic residents across the country.



Leverage the “testing effect” and other benefits
of learning science to get the most out of your retrieval sessions.



When you show up at the Prometric center,
you’ll feel like you are at home using COMBANK
on your couch.

Features Designed Around the New COMLEX Level 3

Create custom COMLEX Level 3 practice tests to focus your study time on subjects or questions where you score low to have the biggest impact to prepare for COMLEX Level 3 and improve your score.

Board-style vignettes provide realistic scenarios where a series of questions tests both your understanding of the material and application of knowledge. 

Realistic testing interfaces help reduce anxiety on test day.  You will know what to expect and be able to focus on the questions. This results in COMLEX Level 3 test prep that accurately mirrors what you will see on test day.

Rich answer explanations help you understand why answers were right or wrong.  Our Bottom-lines make understanding complex information easy. You won’t find this in any other COMLEX Level 3 Question Bank. 

Access from any device.  Take a quick quiz on your cell phone while on break.  Grab a coffee and your laptop or tablet for longer study sessions.

We identify your weak areas and use the learning science principle of spaced repetition to feed you information to bolster that area at deliberately timed increments through text messaging.

All-New COMBANK Predictive Assessment Level 3 - Form A

take a half-day comlex Level 3 Practice Test
& get an actual 3-digit score Conversion!

  • A simulated half-day single sitting mock exam designed to simulate the COMLEX Level 3 Exam.
  • Form A is a separate set of 200 COMLEX Level 3 practice questions not included in the SmartBank.
  • Generate COMLEX Level 3 Score Report - Get an actual converted 3-digit COMLEX Level 3 Score.
  • Take it before you start studying to identify strengths and weaknesses or take it close to exam day so you know exactly how you will score.

Add the Predictive Assessment Exam Form A to Any SmartBank for

Only $69

*Assessment Exam Form A is an add-on product and must be purchased with a SmartBank Subscription.
If you already have a subscription, please login here to add to your shopping cart. 

SmartBanks Bundled With The Predictive Assessment Exam Form A

30 Days

$ 224
Question Bank + Assessment Exam
  • 1,700+ SmartBank Questions
  • Predictive Assessment Exam
  • Activate When Ready

3 Months

$ 274
Question Bank + Assessment Exam
  • 1,700+ SmartBank Questions
  • Predictive Assessment Exam
  • Pass Guarantee
  • Activate When Ready

6 Months

$ 374
Question Bank + Assessment Exam
  • 1,700+ SmartBank Questions
  • Predictive Assessment Exam
  • Pass Guarantee
  • Activate When Ready

12 Months

$ 464
Question Bank + Assessment Exam
  • 1,700+ SmartBank Questions
  • Predictive Assessment Exam
  • Pass Guarantee
  • Activate When Ready
*Predictive Assessment Exams can only be purchased with a SmartBank Subscription. Bundled Savings not applicable with other discounts. To apply other promotional discounts, add the SmartBank you want below, then add Form A in the shopping cart, then apply your code.

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