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Want to help your group receive discounts?

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Here’s How Obtaining A Group Discount Works


Confirm Interest By Submitting Above

Once you inquire about a group discount, we will reach out to ask a few questions about the group you represent to make sure the group discount is the best fit.  We are looking to partner with someone who is willing to represent everyone in their group/class/program/cohort/school.  It will be up to you to ensure that everyone has access to the amazing benefits that our SmartBanks have to offer, but at a lower, group price!

Faculty looking to provide access to their learners should visit our institutions tab.


Receive Unique Discount Link

If the group discount is approved, we will provide you with everything you need to share about our SmartBanks and the awesome benefits that can be accessed by those you represent.  However, we will stay in touch occasionally throughout the academic year so excellent communication and responsiveness is necessary!


Share With Your Group

Access discounts and share with your group! We make it as easy as possible for you to provide everyone in your group the information they need to access the best available discounts for you and your peers to purchase individually.  Discounts are active periodically throughout the academic year based on exam schedules and various promotions so again, great communication and responsiveness is necessary!  


Earn Rewards

Earn rewards by partnering with us and helping your group save money! In exchange for being our point of contact for your group, you may be able to receive gift cards from us.  These are redeemable at hundreds of retailers or as a Visa gift card – each time a member of your group purchases a subscription through your group discount!  *Restrictions apply

*Rewards are optional. If rewards are desired, the amount you may receive depends on whether you represent a group of resident physicians, medical students or allied healthcare students. Some bonus rewards may be available for those with many referrals. Rewards may not be available due to country of residence.