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Elevate Anesthesiologist Assistant Learning, Boost NCCAA® Readiness and First-Time Pass Rates

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    How TrueLearn Supports Anesthesiologist Assistant Programs

    Elevate the Anesthesiologist Assistant curriculum and improve program outcomes by leveraging an innovative and effective learning science-based resource powered by a data analytics engine.


    Solidify and Maintain Foundational Knowledge

    TrueLearn’s learning and assessment platform combines board-style questions with adaptive technology to leverage retrieval practice and spaced repetition to improve knowledge application, higher-order thinking, overall learning, and memory retention. All leading to optimal in-training and licensure exam readiness and results.


    Surface Real-Time Actionable Insights

    TrueLearn’s robust data analytics engine enables Program Directors (PD) to track real-time progress and performance. Sophisticated reporting functions provide visibility into students’ potential exam outcomes with national benchmarking. Comprehensive insights guide students’ studies and help faculty, and program leaders focus the content covered in didactics, board reviews, and rotations to drive improved outcomes.


    Meet Program and Curricular Goals

    TrueLearn’s detailed performance metrics—including longitudinal data and comparative analytics—uncover curricular trends and shortfalls to help set and track progress toward meeting educational goals. Most importantly, it informs faculty on ways to elevate learning for entire cohorts across the program while addressing the needs of struggling or vulnerable learners to achieve desired program and exam outcomes.

    Elevate Anesthesiologist Assistant Program Outcomes Today!

    Anesthesiologist Assistant programs can extend faculty bandwidth by providing a learning science-based resource that is aligned with NCCAA® topics and easily integrates formative and summative assessments into existing curricula. Start driving more effective learning and exam prep to improve graduation rates, elevate NCCAA® readiness, and improve first-time pass rates.

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