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Maximizing USMLE® Success in 2024 with the TrueLearn-Picmonic Learning Loop

Achieve Higher First-Time Pass Rates with a Comprehensive Approach that Supports Students and Faculty

With the overall USMLE® Step 1 pass rates declining following the transition to pass/fail scoring, it is crucial for faculty to get a pulse on USMLE® readiness as early as possible and continue to track student performance throughout medical school to achieve desired outcomes.

Harness the Power of Cognitive Science and Data Analytics to Improve USMLE® Outcomes

Meet the Powerfully Effective TrueLearn-Picmonic Solution for Medical Schools

A Science-Backed Approach to USMLE® Preparation, Powered by Real-time Analytics

Get the Insights and Tools You Need to Meet Educational Goals

To arm medical school educators with the tools they need to boost student and program success, TrueLearn and Picmonic have come together to create a comprehensive learning loop supported by an advanced data analytics engine to elevate curricular, USMLE®, and residency match outcomes. Here’s how:

Data-Driven Insights


Faculty enhance their existing curricula and improve outcomes by integrating customizable, USMLE-style questions and quizzes to assess knowledge acquisition and application. They also leverage the key and objective data to tailor lesson plans and remediation to optimize academic outcomes.

Effective and Efficient Learning


Students learn, retain and recall concepts 331% longer and improve exam scores by 55% with Picmonic’s mnemonic study aids3 –embedded directly in answer explanations–and engage in higher-order thinking. They also leverage detailed rationales, insights into testing habits and behaviors, and real-time performance data to self-regulate learning.

Effective and Efficient Learning
Optimized Teaching and Learning


Deans, Department Heads, Clerkship Directors, and faculty gain real-time performance data, longitudinal insights, and comparative analytics to identify at-risk students early, uncover performance trends, and inform curricular decisions to meet educational goals.

TrueLearn and Picmonic Have Helped Thousands of Medical Students Achieve Success

I utilized the TrueLearn Qbank to prepare for the CCSE and Step 2 CK exams. I believe it provided me with a solid way to test my knowledge base prior to continuing my review with out resources. I earned a very satisfactory score!

I liked that the overall question length is representative of what one would find in the USMLE exams and loved how the administrators are open to suggestions. It denotes the genuine interest they have to keep perfecting their question bank. You don’t see that with other q-banks. I have already recommended TrueLearn to friends.

I was pleasantly surprised at the level of difficulty of the questions. I have already recommended TrueLearn to friends and colleagues. Don’t think about it, go for it, you’ll thank me that you did.

I started using TrueLearn during my first year of medical school. The explanations and style of questions have been spectacular in helping me prepare for Boards. I recommend TrueLearn for all M1 and M2 students!

I found the questions really detailed. Also, I loved the explanation with most of them having a mnemonic video.

The explanations are arguably just as important as the questions (if not more important), and I feel like TrueLearn did a great job with the explanations. One thing I really liked about the explanations was the TrueLearn Insight. The Bottom Line feature was useful also, as it summarized the explanation in one or two sentences.

Ensure Students Are Ready for the USMLE®

TrueLearn is committed to working with educators to ensure they have the necessary support and resources to identify students’ learning needs and content strengths and weaknesses to steer success on the USMLE® board exams and beyond.

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Benefits of an Institutional Partnership

TrueLearn is integrated with audio-visual mnemonics platform Picmonic to form a proven-effective solution that maximizes USMLE® pass rates and optimizes program outcomes.


Benefits to Faculty

  • Easily embed Picmonic into teaching materials to create active learning experiences and improve student preparedness and engagement


  • Address students’ learning needs and preferences with tailored support and remediation, guided by data 


  • Time-efficient, effective, and accelerated learning both in and out of the classroom

Benefits to Students

  • Humor, storytelling, and vivid mnemonic imagery aid in learning, retaining, and recalling of information


  • Board-style practice questions aligned to the exam help ensure optimal exam outcomes


  • Spaced repetition algorithms improve long-term knowledge retention, help advance students through the demanding curriculum

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