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COMBANK, powered by TrueLearn, knows NBOME
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    COMBANK, powered by TrueLearn, combines cognitive science, adaptive technology, and high-quality osteopathic content, creating an e-learning solution powered by a data analytics engine to help osteopathic medical schools meet their educational goals.

    Harness the Power of Cognitive Science and Data Analytics to Improve COMLEX-USA Outcomes

    Meet the Powerfully Effective COMBANK-Picmonic Learning Solution for Osteopathic Medical Schools

    Achieve Academic Success and Meet Educational Goals

    Start Empowering Osteopathic Students and Faculty Today

    How the innovative COMBANK-Picmonic solution helps medical schools meet their educational goals:


    Distinctly Osteopathic

    Founded by a DO, our mission has always been focused on osteopathic student success. Our COMLEX Level 1, Level 2, COMAT, and Level 3 SmartBanks are mapped to the exam blueprint with stem-styles mirror those on the actual exam. Including both integrated and pure OMM questions helps students hone their osteopathic knowledge to outperform come exam day.


    Highest Quality Explanations

    Our answer explanations are second to none. With robust rationales provided for both the correct AND incorrect answer choices, coupled with thousands of visualizations (tables and images), and all tied together with our exclusive Bottom Line (key learning point featured in our SmartText tool), our test reviews elevate learning and outcomes like no other resource.


    Beyond Answer Explanations

    Our support doesn’t end with high-quality answer explanations. Students can keep studying and deepening their understanding of important concepts with hundreds of embedded OMM videos, 2,00+ Picmonics audiovisual mnemonic video lessons with dedicated OMM Picmonics, and access to multiple references, including the latest First Aid references!


    Curriculum Integration

    Faculty benefit from a time-efficient, proven-effective teaching solution that integrates into existing curriculum, enabling varied practice and creating active learning experiences to elevate teaching, augment learning and improve program outcomes.


    Comprehensive Performance Insights

    Comparative analytics against 94% of osteopathic students nationwide help students know exactly where they stand and support metacognition, creating self-regulated learners. Faculty and Deans also benefit from the real-time performance data, longitudinal insights, and comparative analytics which arm them with actionable insights to inform curricular decisions, steer COMLEX-USA success, and achieve educational goals.

    COMBANK, powered by TrueLearn, and Picmonic Have Helped Thousands of Osteopathic Medical Students Achieve Success

    TrueLearn is a great resource for any osteopathic medical student planning to take COMLEX. TrueLearn helped me score well over the 95th percentile on COMLEX 1, 2, and 3 and helped me achieve the residency I wanted. Thanks TrueLearn!

    TrueLearn provided me with high quality questions and explanations that were closely representative of COMLEX. Being able to feel prepared and confident makes a huge difference when every question matters. I especially liked being able to sort through questions based on the topic or based on OMM. Overall, I’m satisfied with my experience and would recommend it to others preparing for COMLEX.

    I was looking for a question bank that could provide me challenging practice questions and easy-to-understand explanations—I found both with COMBANK. Their question style, clinical pearls, and succinct explanations were all I needed to feel confident during test day!

    Discover How COMBANK, powered by TrueLearn, and
    Picmonic Can Help You Achieve Ideal Program Outcomes