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Optimize Pharmacy Education Outcomes, Improve NAPLEX® First-Time Pass Rates through Learning Science-Based Solutions

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    Drive optimal first-time pass rates on the North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination® (NAPLEX®) and help overcome the national shortage of pharmacists. Empower educators with learning science-based solutions and actionable insights to identify at-risk students early, provide timely remediation, monitor longitudinal performance, ensure exam topics are covered within the curriculum, reduce item-writing burden, and more.

    Harness the Power of Cognitive Science and Data Analytics to Improve Academic Outcomes

    Meet the Powerfully, Effective TrueLearn-Picmonic Solution for Pharmacy Schools

    Achieve Academic Success and Meet Educational Goals

    Start Empowering Pharmacy Students and Faculty Today

    How the innovative TrueLearn-Picmonic solution helps pharmacy schools meet their educational goals:

    Effective and Efficient Learning


    Effective and Efficient Learning

    Students learn, retain, and recall complex concepts and topics better, faster, and longer with Picmonic, then assess knowledge application and mastery, and engage in higher-order thinking with TrueLearn.

    Self-Regulated Learning


    Self-Regulated Learning

    The detailed rationales, insights into testing habits and behaviors, and real-time performance data that TrueLearn and Picmonic provide support meta-cognition, creating self-regulated learners.

    Self-Regulated Learning
    Optimized Teaching and Learning


    Optimized Teaching and Learning

    Faculty benefit from a time-efficient, proven-effective teaching solution that integrates into existing curriculum, enabling varied practice, and creating active learning experiences to elevate teaching, augment learning, and improve program outcomes.

    Data-Driven Insights


    Data-Driven Insights

    The real-time performance data, longitudinal insights, and comparative analytics arm institutions with actionable insights to inform curricular decisions and achieve educational goals.

    Data-Driven Insights

    Elevate Pharmacy Learning Outcomes Today!

    Leveraging the proven TrueLearn-Picmonic learning loop arms faculty with learning science-based resources to help students build a solid foundation of knowledge, achieve content mastery, and strengthen knowledge application during Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPE) and Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPE). Start achieving desired program and academic outcomes today.

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    TrueLearn and Picmonic Have Helped Thousands of Pharmacy Students Achieve Success

    I read and did every single question at least four times along with reading all the explanations provided; even when I got the answer correct. I just wanted to share my positive experience and also that I recently took my NAPLEX and passed! I scored 26 points higher than the first time I took it. I have TrueLearn to thank for that. So, THANK YOU!

    With TrueLearn, you can expect NAPLEX-style questions that will help you adequately prepare for what is going to be a huge milestone in your professional life. It’s true that you will never feel 100% prepared, but you can prepare with confidence by practicing with the TrueLearn question bank.

    I just wanted to say that TrueLearn truly helped me focus on important details that I was not focusing on with RxPrep. The questions are both broad and specific and definitely guide an individual who is struggling to get a grasp of the material. Even when I would get a question incorrect, the analysis and breakdown of the other answer choices is fantastic.

    Discover How TrueLearn and Picmonic Can Help You Achieve Ideal Program Outcomes