Level 2 PE Prep So Good,
It’s Almost Unfair!

Experience it FirsT with COMBANK.

  • Hosted by COMLEX Level 2 PE Expert, Mark Kauffman, DO
  • Over 40 Standardized Patient Encounters and Debrief Sessions
  • Learn How to Be Effective in the Standardized Patient Setting
  • Key Insights into Humanistic & Biomedical/Biomechanical Domains
  • First-Time Pass Guarantee – We Have Your Back!

COMLEX Level 2 PE Video Series Overview


Pass The COMLEX PE With Confidence

COMBANK’s Level 2 PE video series is specifically designed for OMS3 and OMS4 medical students preparing for the COMLEX Level 2 PE examination.

Experience the PE like never before by mastering the art of history and physician examination in an assessment-based setting and learn from the PE expert himself, Mark Kauffman, DO.

What to Expect with COMLEX Level 2 PE Video Series

COMBANK’s Level 2 PE videos will prepare you to:

 Outperform on the Biomechanical & Humanistic Domains
 Know how and when to perform OMM
 Compose SOAP notes that maximize scores
 Handle common primary care presentations in the exam setting
 Have a successful outcome on test day


Choose your COMLEX Level 2 PE Subscription Length:

30 Days

$ 179 30 Days Access
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2 MOnths

$ 209 2 Months Access
  • Pass Guarantee
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3 Months

$ 259 3 Months Access
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6 Months

$ 299 6 Months Access
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Bring COMBANK to your Institution

Whether you are a student, resident, or administrator, COMBANK offers incentives for groups.