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COMLEX Level 2 PE Practice Test

Video Qbank for COMLEX Level 2 PE

  • Hosted by COMLEX Level 2 PE Expert, Mark Kauffman, DO
  • 40+ Standardized Patient Encounters and Debrief Sessions
  • Learn How to Be Effective in the Standardized Patient Setting
  • Key Insights into Humanistic & Biomedical/Biomechanical Domains
  • First-Time Pass Guarantee – We Have Your Back!
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All New COMLEX Level 2 PE Video Series Overview

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Pass The COMLEX PE With Confidence

COMBANK’s Level 2 PE video series is specifically designed for OMS3 and OMS4 medical students preparing for the COMLEX Level 2 PE examination.

Experience the PE like never before by mastering the art of history and physician examination in an assessment-based setting and learn from the PE expert himself, Mark Kauffman, DO.

What to Expect with COMLEX Level 2 PE Video Series

COMBANK’s Level 2 PE videos will prepare you to:

 Outperform on the Biomechanical & Humanistic Domains
 Know how and when to perform OMM
 Compose SOAP notes that maximize scores
 Handle common primary care presentations in the exam setting
 Have a successful outcome on test day

47 new high-quality videos segmented into three separate video series

Exam insight Series:   Designed to teach you about the technical aspects of the PE exam including basic principles of the exam structure, principles of time management, how to document the encounter in a SOAP note, how the exam is scored, and why students fail.  These will help you build a strong foundation by examining the detail of each domain so you understand exactly what you are being tested on. 

Patient Encounter Series:  Works through a number of patient encounters showing you exactly how to approach different clinical scenarios.  You will learn how to review patient chart data, quickly develop patient-provider relationship, take a detailed history, perform a problem-specific examination, build a differential diagnosis and share it with the patient.   You will learn how to work with the patient, design a treatment plan and when/when not to use OMM.  

Failing Encounter Series:  Helps you identify common mistakes in both Humanistic and Biomedical/Biomechanical domains so that you can make sure you don’t make the same mistakes.

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Six New Patient Encounter Cases

New Patient Cases Aligned to Blueprint

The new series incorporates new cases to ensure you are fully prepared and there are no surprises on exam day.  We have added cases to cover the following items.

  1. Cold
  2. High Cholesterol
  3. Neck Pain
  4. Tremor
  5. Well Adult Visit
  6. Well Child Visit
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New SOAP NOte Functionality

Screenshot of how to print COMLEX Level 2 questions from SmartBank
Ability to download And Print your SOAP notes!

Some exciting new updates have been made to TrueLearn’s interactive COMLEX PE Video Series! You are now able to download and print your SOAP Notes. This ability will allow you to track your performance as well as send them to your faculty or peers for review.

New Technical Features To Improve your Experience

screenshot of a COMLEX level 2 playlist from SmartBanks

Mobile-friendly video player provides variable playback speeds (up to 2x), so you can save time and watch on the go. 

Closed captioning is now available so you can still watch when volume isn’t feasible.   Reading while listening can also improve overall retention.  

Easily track your progress.  Pickup where you left off without having to find your spot again. 

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The NBOME discontinued the COMLEX Level 2 PE as of June 2022.