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A Learning Loop That Empowers NP Students to Become Better Learners


The Picmonic-TrueLearn learning loop is an impactful combination of Picmonic’s audio-visual mnemonics with TrueLearn’s robust data-driven toolkit and custom quizzing. With features mapped to popular NP textbooks, the loop integrates seamlessly into the NP curriculum to augment didactics and elevate learning.

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Students learn via Picmonic and assess their comprehension through TrueLearn’s quizzes. If they miss an answer, they can immediately revisit the material on Picmonic to refresh their understanding and strengthen long-term retention. Repeating this back-and-forth process not only enhances learning and boosts students’ exam readiness but also helps them develop lifelong learning habits such as metacognition, self-regulation, and a growth mindset.

Find out how you can leverage the Picmonic-TrueLearn learning loop to elevate educational and exam outcomes for your NP students.

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The Science of Memory: A Three-Part Process



The brain processes electrical signals converted from external stimuli. Audio-visual cues, images, oddities, or humor make the encoding easier.



The brain finds ways to keep the information using acronyms, phonetic and visual cues, or by association with another visual.



The brain leverages techniques such as using flashcards or quizzes or having someone ask questions out loud to recall information.