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Curriculum Support Resources SLP Educators Want—Enhance Students’ Learning and Retention, Improve Outcomes


Are your speech-language pathology (SLP) students retaining all the knowledge that’s essential to carry from course to course and outperform on the Praxis® exam? A recent survey revealed that this was a top concern among SLP educators.

So what do educators want to help them better support their students? The ideal resource should be time-efficient, empower students to learn autonomously and integrate seamlessly in the SLP curriculum.

Watch this video to learn how SLP programs leverage TrueLearn to elevate student performance and exam outcomes:


TrueLearn’s proven, effective learning and assessment platform sits on a robust data analytics engine that arms SLP educators with:

  • Pre-created Praxis®-style questions categorized according to the exam blueprint
  • Detailed rationales for correct and incorrect answer choices to support metacognition through feedback
  • Question Search, Repeating Quizzes, Custom Quizzing, and a Mock Assessment to support the program’s formative and summative assessment strategy
  • Real-time comprehensive performance reports to track progress by program, per cohort, per student, per category, per topic, and longitudinally

Let’s connect to explore how TrueLearn can support you and your program’s faculty and students!

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