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How TrueLearn’s Robust Data Engine Delivers Objective Student Performance Data to Optimize Learning and Exam Outcomes


TrueLearn’s data-driven learning and assessment platform provides real-time performance tracking, equipping SLP programs and educators with detailed reports that enable them to track progress by program, per cohort or grad year, per student, per category, per topic, and longitudinally.

Watch this video to see how TrueLearn delivers these critical insights:


The platform’s interactive dashboard lets educators easily and objectively pinpoint curricular trends and identify at-risk students, empowering them to act quickly and bridge learning gaps in a timely manner.

SLP programs that leverage the TrueLearn solution will also have access to:

  • Detailed category and topic performance insights
  • Longitudinal tracking and reporting
  • Comprehensive performance reports for quizzes and assessments throughout the course
  • Comparative analytics that allow educators to compare student progress with their peers across the nation and institution

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