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Solidify Nursing Students’ Foundational Knowledge and Critical Thinking Skills with a Powerful Learning Loop


Nursing students often struggle with stress and anxiety as they strive to master the extensive and highly-demanding nursing curriculum. Additionally, students can display a lack of self-confidence in clinical when they struggle to apply knowledge. What would help them is a curricular approach that accelerates learning, enhances retention, and facilitates easy recall of information.

Educators can elevate student learning and boost knowledge application by leveraging the Picmonic-TrueLearn learning loop.

Watch this video to learn how nursing programs empower more effective and efficient learning, ensuring students master essential knowledge and complex concepts and achieve optimal exam prep, performance, and outcome.

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The Science of Memory: A Three-Part Process



The brain processes electrical signals converted from external stimuli. Audio-visual cues, images, oddities, or humor make the encoding easier.



The brain finds ways to keep the information using acronyms, phonetic and visual cues, or by association with another visual.



The brain leverages techniques such as using flashcards or quizzes or having someone ask questions out loud to recall information.